A Hep Cat Task Force For Our Nightmayor


Ottawa’s nightmayor will need ideas to justify his or her illustrious occupation.

So we’re here for this dubious public servant (who we believe will be the previous nightmare Jim Watson … it will get him out of the house … here’s an idea, an LRT tunnel under the ByWard Market … hope he brings pizza).

Anyway, the U.S., as you will see below, is way ahead of Canada in nightmayoring (hard to believe, thought we had the market cornered on civic nightmares).

Can you dig it?


The Republican Hip-Hop Task Force


What The Clown Prince Of Darkness Will Do

What’s A Few Lionized Christians When Re-Election Looms?

Not Boring, Just Stupid: PATTON

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1 Response

  1. sisco farraro says:

    Pizza from slim Jim? I think not. Probably lots of carrot muffins. He has a quartet of blue-haired ladies ready at the ovens with all the ingredients they’ll need.

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