FCA Condemns Fast-Tracking Of Building Height Limits


The Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa-Carleton (the umbrella group for community organizations in the city) has condemned the fast-tracking of very important Official Plan changes that include changing height limits in residential areas:

From: Robert Brinker <brinker@fca-fac.ca>

Subject: Minor Corridor Motion

Date: November 18, 2023 at 9:56:49 AM EST

To: “FCA P&Z” <PlanningandZoning@fca-fac.ca>


Good morning P&Z members,

You should be aware by now that at the November 8th City Council meeting Councillor Gauer gave notice of a motion to retain the height increases along minor corridors despite the reverting of the changes to the city-approved OP.

We, the FCA, asked that this motion be deferred to the Planning and Housing Committee, where public delegations would have the opportunity to voice their concerns.

In response to our request, I received the following answer from Chair Jeff Leiper:

‘Good afternoon, Robert. There is, of course, a mechanism to refer this motion to PHC for debate and delegations – a councillor just needs to bring that referral motion and win the vote.

CITY HALL: Names Change, Actions The Same: THE VOTER

To be very transparent, I won’t be the councillor who brings that and I don’t anticipate supporting it if it did get put on the floor.

I believe there is broad support for the Gower/Sutcliffe motion among councillors on a new Council that is committed to intensification. This motion adds new density where it makes sense – on corridors and the edges of communities – which helps us take a balanced approach to intensification overall in an environment in which we are hearing clearly from other levels of government that they would like cities to be more aggressive on density. The new comprehensive zoning by-law will be an opportunity to look at the specifics of that new height and how to integrate it as best as possible into the lower-rise neighbourhoods behind. I agree with the movers of this motion that the change in height is fairly minor, although of course not everyone will agree.

Notice of this motion was given a week ago and I’ve received feedback that will inform how I vote. My respectful suggestion to members of the FCA is to ensure that they have expressed their concerns to their own councillors to similarly inform how they vote.’

If you are concerned about this approach from council, please reach out to your councillor. The motion is on the agenda at this Wednesday’s council meeting (#18.1):


Thank you,

Robert Brinker

President FCA


Chair FCA Planning and Zoning Committee



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