MacLeod Condemns Trudeau Costume Choice

First black-face, now this:

How-To-Lose-An-Election 101.



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6 Responses

  1. Miranda Gray says:

    The kid wasn’t elected. He likely has dreamed of the costume for months (before the genocide kicked into mass killings). Leave politicians’ kids out of political bickering.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    Dad posted his son’s uniform on X.

    It was bad judgment and Trudeau had already exposed himself to the bad costume and X.

    The problem resides with the PM.



  3. Kosmo says:

    It needs to be said… this guy is an idiot.

  4. The Voter says:

    Sorry, I’m with Miranda on this one. Let’s let kids be kids … which is the complaint about the kids in Gaza and refugee camps around the world. They don’t have a childhood and aren’t able to enjoy the things many of our kids can partake in. The way to deal with that is to help stop the conflicts that push those kids into refugee camps and places like Gaza. We also need to pitch in to ensure they are eating properly and have adequate shelter.

    I haven’t heard Lisa McLeod using her position and influence to help the kids in Gaza … or Syria … or the Ukraine … or anywhere else that children are suffering. And that includes here in Ontario. When she was Social Services Minister in the Ford government, I didn’t see her come up to the plate for kids living with autism or for children in families living on social assistance. Quite the opposite was true.

    But then, of course, there were no cheap political points to be made there.

  5. sisco farraro says:

    When I first saw the costume I thought it was very creative; it reminded me of Charles Addams cartoons I remember from The New Yorker magazine.

  6. Ken Gray says:

    Sorry folks but for me this is not about the youngster.

    It’s about the parent’s choice of costume and using the youngster to publicize the PM.

    I don’t think chopping off a person’s head is an image I want to see.

    It’s in bad taste.



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