Montreal Firm Tries To Break Into The Bulldog Site

A serious attempt was made Friday evening to break into The Bulldog website.

A Montreal firm with known Ottawa political connections made the attempt. It tried something similar a few years ago. That’s how your agent recognized it this time.

The firm has a long history of cyber abuse and misdeeds and shows up on a number of abuse prevention lists. I won’t provide anymore details but the company left a ‘paper trail’ a mile wide.

Any other attempts to do this will result in The Bulldog hiring a cyber security firm to do all the tracing, which won’t be difficult, and that formalized evidence will be presented to law authorities.

Because we know the political person associated with this company, it could have public-policy ramifications.

The attempt coincides with The Bulldog’s extensive coverage of the Trillium Line procurement issue. We will not change our pursuit of the story. Perhaps the Montreal firm wanted to be discovered so that The Bulldog would stop following the issue. That will not happen.

Our security measures are such now that even in the unlikely event a hack could occur, we would have the website operating again in minutes.

It appears someone is concerned or scared of The Bulldog coverage.

Ken Gray



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6 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    The Dawg must be getting closer to the truth and now somebody or some firm is running scared. Congratulations Bulldog, you doing good and just fine !!

  2. The Voter says:

    Agree with Bruce. You must be getting close to something or else your persistence is worrying them that you will turn something up. What’s that expression – like a dog with a bone?? Keep up the good work!!

    You should thank them for the strong vote of confidence!

  3. Richard says:

    Given you are a news organization, and a member of the dying breed of organizations focusing on local news, might I suggest you contact The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto?

    Although they do not provide support to “individuals”, your status as a news organization might peak their interest.

  4. Ken Gray says:


    So what comes of that? Does it get me a story? Some much-needed revenue?



  5. Jeff says:

    Ken, name names of those trying to undermine the Bulldog.

  6. Ken Gray says:


    What’s your name?



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