So We Should Trust City Planning? WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“The letter wouldn’t have gone out had it been reviewed at a higher level.”

City planning general manager Don Herweyer as translated by the CBC


You sure about that Don?

As we learned from the provincial light-rail inquiry, there was no end of covering-up, lying and lying by omission at Ottawa City Hall. Oh yes, did we mention gross incompetence and misdeeds? This time the screw-up was telling the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority that the Jock River development had the support of council.

In fact, some members of council hadn’t heard of the letter and the council support was non-existent. Wonder how many councillors had heard of the development at all let alone even cared about it?

You see, trust is easy to lose and almost impossible to win back. Herweyer is suffering from the fallout of the LRT misdeed fest.

Do you really think the people of Ottawa trust much of anything coming out of the administrative club on Laurier Avenue? It makes Tammany Hall look like a Cub Scout troop.

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Of course we know without doubt that the relations between planning and the development community are dripping with piety.

We take you to the former planning committee chairwoman’s office and you can extrapolate from there.

And at the very meeting where Herweyer spoke from the mount, the audit committee and the city auditor general were burying the probe of the mighty stinky Trillium Line procurement.

What’s not to trust at Ottawa City Hall?

It’s time for Premier Doug Ford to appoint a commissioner and board to run Ottawa City Hall until the next election. It can get to the bottom of the rot there (that’s a big task) and change the twisted culture there.

Ken Gray



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