Telosa: The Urban And Social Vision Of The Future?

The video discusses the tentative plans for a $400-billion city of the future located in the U.S. desert:

The fascinating work below is from Tomorrow’s Build:


Why a Billionaire is Building a $400BN City in the US Desert


When You Think NCC, Think LeBreton Flats (1)

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Where’s Your Christmas Spirit?

Beat Bad Traffic Noise With A Fountain

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1 Response

  1. The Voter says:

    I hear Tobi Nussbaum’s looking for some planning ideas for Lebreton Flats. Maybe he should check in with Mr. Lore and see if he’d like to do a demonstration project on the Flats based on his concept. He could run his model through a real-life pilot and test out his plan before launching it in the desert. Admittedly, our weather issues are at the other end of the spectrum from a dry, arid location but we can offer up extreme weather for him, albeit rather humid in both winter and summer.

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