Tough Queries From Councillor Tim: TOP 10 LIST


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Councillors have been criticized for not asking the tough questions of staff.

But not Beacon Hill-Cyrville Councillor Tim Tierney. When he’s not naming snow plows or getting a tattoo on his arm to bring Nickelback to Ottawa, he has been pressing staff for answers to the following questions.

We do this by way of a Top 10 List:


Top 10 Things Councillor Tierney Needs To Know From Staff

10. How do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar?

9. Can staff help bring in Disney’s Smurfs On Ice right after Nickelback?

8. Does the light stay on in fridge when the door is closed?

7. Can we get Barry Manilow for Bluesfest?

6. How many sheep do you need to count sheep to go to sleep? I have five.

5. Where do lost socks go in the dryer?

4. Was the Scarecrow the only thing that didn’t have a brain?

3. If a tree falls in the woods, what should we do?

2. Do cats get mouse breath?

1. Will the Night Mayor call for a Mime Festival? How will we know?

Ken Gray


The Wizard Of Oz (1939) If I only had a Brain

If he only had a brain.


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2 Responses

  1. Kosmo says:

    Bulldog: I have mixed feelings about this Top 10, firstly it has to be the best Top 10 List ever assembled world wide. Secondly their might be some truth to it, if the is the kind of work Timmy and his staff are pumping out… Lord help us and Lord here our prayer.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    High praise indeed from the master. Thank you. Hope you are well. k

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