Two Years Late Is LRT Progress: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“We are down to the last few steps on the Trillium Line. The progress is very good.”

Michael Morgan, the city’s director of rail construction


The Trillium Line is two years late.

And wasn’t this line the one with the wonky procurement? You know, the winner of the bidding failed the technical standards twice.

And one wonders why LRT is two years late … and counting?


Keep It Sassy, Bulldog

LRT Derailment: 3 Years Later, No Root Cause

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2 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    Perhaps Michael Morgan’s expectation was that the Trillium line would be up and running in 2027. From that point of view, getting it done by 2024 or 2025 would exceed his timetable so he’s able to step up and talk about the current situation as ‘progress’. It all depends on your perspective and what you’re measuring things against.

    Now all we need to know is what standards he’s using to measure a successful launch. Is it three days, three weeks, three months or three years of continuous operation without any service interruptions? Does he already have the plans in place to continue the operation of the parallel bus service that’s now in place but with extensions to cover the extended route? Does Mme Amilcar already have her speaking notes ready to announce the abundance of caution that will be applied to operating Trillium following a breakdown or derailment? How different will it be from the trouble-laden Confederation Line?

  2. sisco farraro says:

    Voter. I admire your ability to make a sarcastic response sound very eloquent. It’s a skill I lack.

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