Why NCC Closes Open Bridge: TOP 10 LIST


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The National Capital Commission recently celebrated opening the Champlain Bridge three months early.

Except the NCC now closes the bridge from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday to Friday until (it’s a moving deadline) Oct. 27 maybe.

So how can an open bridge be closed? We explore this by way of a Top 10 List:


Top 10 Reasons The NCC Closes The Open Champlain Bridge:

10. Nussbaum hasn’t finished painting lines;

9. Ottawans in bed by 9;

8. Nussbaum parks limo there overnight;

7. Only fairy-dew powered cars can use bridge;

6. Surveying Bate Island for new Sens arena;

5. NCC bans autos from bridges;

4. No number 4. NCC LeBreton department still writing it;

3. Changing name to Tobi’s Bike Bridge;

2. Ottawans, Quebecois might mingle. Ewww;

1. Three lanes kinda look funny.

Ken Gray





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