Bridge Opens 3 Months Early, Still Closes


The beat goes on.

Thank goodness the Champlain Bridge opened three months early because its still closes.

Get home early because its closing has been extended from the original date of Oct. 20 to Oct. 27 from 9 p.m, to 5 a.m. Monday to Friday.

No word why this has happened via a press release but flashing signs at the foot of the bridge tell us it is true. Maybe this is how the National Capital Commission communicates these days … flashing signs rather than using, say, the internet or, perish the thought, The Bulldog.

Cyclists Say They’re Sorry: The Beaverton

We’ll be happy to publish the closings of the open bridge for free, if NCC CEO Tobi Nussbaum sends us a press release so that the tens of thousands of people tuning in to Ottawa’s favourite website named after a dog who are interested in local affairs could know. Just sayin’ (hmm, does Patton have a copyright on that?).

Or maybe the NCC, having hung itself out to dry with its premature notice of opening three months early, doesn’t want you to know. Sorta “the NCC would like national capital folks to know that the Champlain Bridge, which opened three months early, still kinda closes. Yes … your NCC. Serving itself since 1959.” You know, something like that.

Anyway our doggie pixels are available to Nussbaum anytime he wants on this.

Ken Gray


Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On (Official Music Video)

This video was recorded before the NCC started construction on the Champlain Bridge.





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2 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    You should maybe set up a separate newsletter to chronicle all the road, bridge, LRT and bus non-availability in the city. Although, on second thought, maybe not because we’d never see you here anymore such is the frequency of these events. It would rapidly become a full-time job.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    The Voter:

    The amount of road and bridge construction lingering on in the city is amazing.



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