19-Hour Waits At Montfort … Thanks Freedom Fighters

Congratulations all you fighters for freedom who would not see their rights trampled by getting the Covid and flu shots a few weeks ago.

Yes, 19 hours to get seen at the Montfort Hospital. A big thank you to all you selfish people who couldn’t take one (or two) for the community. And an even bigger thank you from your friends and relatives who wear masks to crowded places to avoid catching something but you are face-bare and proud. Like the south end of a north-bound donkey and just as smart.

While Paramedics Struggle, Ottawa Police Fiddle

The absolute selfishness you are showing is an example for us all.

But you were correct about all the health side-effects from the Covid and flu shots. Right now I’m growing a third arm out of my forehead. Wish I’d known that before I got the shots.

God bless you and best of the season.

Ken Gray




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14 Responses

  1. Anderson Davies says:

    What is the current wait times for the other hospitals and the historical data of all the hospital’s including the Montfort going back say 10 years? My father and stepmother have had seven shots both of them caught it the week before last and they are in a long term care facility that anyone who works there has to have all shots. My wife and I had the forced two shots and well… fit as a fiddle. Just my opinion and experience from this selfish 67 year old living in NB who doesn’t have a cardiologist because the one in Moncton died the day after his shot who had viciously eviscerated those for not taking it. Talk about being selfish, over a thousand patients without a cardiologist, Any other doctor I have been lucky enough to see has not once recommended to or my wife to get the boosters or the flu shot. ??

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Well Mr. Davies in the face of all the medical evidence by people who are much more informed about this than you and i, I’m sorry I’m so damn wrong.

    Obviously you and your fellow travellers know more about this than Ottawa Public Health. And the reason OPH is counselling people to do the wrong thing is because they want to get people to be horribly ill because … well I don’t know why … maybe you could ask them why in the face of their ethics and training that they want to get people sick.



    ps I guess this is part of one of the many great conspiracies out there to cause problems for us. You know the Proud Boys, QAnon, the Kennedy shootings … it goes on and on. While you’re solving all these great conspiracies with your confessor, could you check to see if he or she knows when Jimmy Hoffa is coming home? He’s late for dinner at my place.

  3. Robert Roberts says:

    Some did get side effects from original Covid vax. But were ridiculed. “Correlation is not causation “. The numbers are small but were not made public. Hence the blowback.
    Possibly some anger at “big pharma “.

  4. Ken Gray says:


    I heard that some people had side effects. I wasn’t trying to know. It is common knowledge.

    I think most people knew that was a risk you were taking when you got the shot. But the risk is extremely small.

    Robert I’m not a gambling man but I was willing to take that small risk to deal with the bigger risk of catching Covid. You’ll remember that people were being piled in refrigerator trucks in New York in the early days of Covid. Better a side effect than dead.

    I knew some of the people at Public Health who were smart and well-intentioned. I’m confident if they thought the Covid shot would hurt you, they would not hurt you. These are good, hard-working devoted people who have pledged their life to keeping you well.

    These conspiracy people are misguided and not dealing with reality. I’ve spent a lifetime in the media with well-meaning colleagues. We worked very hard to get as close to the truth as we could. These nutbars on the internet have no idea what they are talking about when they address information and accuracy.

    Opinions are easy. Facts are hard. I’ve done both. Take my word for it.



  5. Anderson Davies says:

    I asked you for the data on all hospital
    wait times in Ottawa currently and in the past and you ignored, before we continue please produce as I feel it is part of the “19 hour” discussion and your conclusions. Your responses have been over wrought my questions I believe have been inquiring in nature without the vitriol. Now please produce the data and perhaps we can continue in a more congenial manner which is the way I started this discussion.

  6. Nicholas says:

    Anderson, your original comment can easily be read as hostile in nature (that’s how I took it) but I will give you the benefit of doubt.

    With regards to your request for information on historic hospital wait times in Ottawa, why don’t you go looking for that information yourself to back up whatever argument you might be presenting? It’s worth noting, I didn’t see an argument in your original comment; only the question, and conspiracy theory vitriol.

    But to answer your question… I’ve been googling some stats for the past 15 minutes or so. It doesn’t look like anyone has produced a spreadsheet containing historic wait times at the Ottawa Hospital campus’ so here’s what I can find:

    Currently – 20+ hours
    May/June 2022 – 2.2 to 3.6 hours
    July 2019 – 3.6 hours

    These are averages of all hospitals in Ottawa. So there you go. Your information, such that I can find. What was your point?

  7. Anderson Davies says:

    Mr Gray was using wait times as his argument it was up to him to defend them. If you feel I was being hostile in nature well you are well off base. As to the Montfort their level of care is quite well known.

  8. Ken Gray says:

    Mr. Davies:

    I didn’t think you were being hostile but I wasn’t paying much attention.

    You know I’m always interested in the number of people who want me to do their work for them. Like I don’t do enough now.

    If you spent less time parking your truck on Wellington, you’d have more time for research.

    And that wasn’t vitriol but it was sarcasm.



  9. Robert Roberts says:

    Just to add to this. I did contract DVT, deep vein thrombosis, a week after my Covid vax. It began with vertigo 24 hours after the shot. I am now on blood thinners (apixaban).

  10. Ken Gray says:

    Well Robert, finally we have something in common.

    I take blood thinners for a blood-clotting disorder that runs genetically through our family.



  11. Anderson Davies says:

    Interesting to note that the Ottawa Hospital has two full Emergency Departments, located at the Civic and General Campuses. The Emergency Departments at the Civic and General Campuses are designed to care for patients suffering from serious medical problems who are unable to wait to be seen by their family physician. So perhaps instead of going to the Montfort or the Queensway one should go to one of those hospitals first. Having said that the current wait time at the Montfort is 5 hours and 45 minutes, what happened? That’s a big drop from the 19 hour of yesterday, by the way CHEO is 3 hours 18 minutes. As to the true Ottawa emergency rooms of the Civic or the General I leave it to you, I believe I have provided the current statistics to the particular Ottawa Hospital franchise we have been discussing.

    Also as of 16 Dec 2023, the current emergency wait times in Ottawa are not provided by the sources. However, in June 2022, the average wait time to see a doctor in an Ottawa hospital emergency room exceeded the provincial average, with two hospitals in the province’s top 10 for wait times. In Ottawa, the average wait time ranged from 2.2 hours to 3.6 hours to see a doctor.

    I am wondering once again where the 19 hour statistic came from.


    Anderson Davies

  12. Anderson Davies says:

    Hmm, I posted a rebuttal and it disappeared or it went for review which hasn’t happened since my second post a few years ago.

  13. Ken Gray says:

    Mr. Davies:

    How much do you want to pay me for this research or is the free Bulldog not enough?



  14. Ken Gray says:

    Mr. Davies:

    Now Mr. Davies you are taking into question my integrity.

    All your comments that have appeared in my moderation queue have been published.

    Seems odd you are the only person with this problem. Nothing has changed.

    Also Mr. Davies you already know the source of my facts. It was all over radio news but don’t you think that Graham Richardson might have picked up this news from his radio gig or is the mainstream media that I spent 35 years in just corrupt but needs Freedom Fighters like you to set them straight because you know best.

    Now you are wrongly accusing me of killing your comments.

    Your people should stick to what they know. Like blowing truck horns night and day.



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