The Bulldog Attacked Three More Times By Montreal Firm

Tech experts have discovered three more serious attempts to break into The Bulldog website.

These attacks came shortly before the first one was noticed last Friday. All the attempts originated from a Montreal firm with ties to a prominent Ottawa politician which had previously attacked The Bulldog a number of years ago. There have been no further attempts since last Friday evening.

Websites daily receive hundreds or thousands of break-in attempts. Almost all of them are from bots that jump from website to website to find one with weak security and hack it. Their attempts come from all over the world. Recently in The Bulldog’s case they originate primarily from Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Venezuela and the United States. They pose little or no threat to most websites with good security. The worst of these examples try to brute-force attack (repeatedly try to log in hundreds of time in rapid succession) a website in an attempt to break it. The Bulldog has been brute-force attacked many times in 14 years but attackers have never been successful.

Very rarely are the attempts serious and actually conducted by humans.

Even if The Bulldog’s security is broken (which has never happened), we can have it running again in a few minutes.

It tells you the sorry state of public discourse and corruption in political circles where politicians attempt to silence a serious website and try to disrupt the discussion of public policy.

Politics now is rarely about the public but instead attaining and holding power through spin, lies, deceit and worse.

Anybody Still Remember Skype?

We saw this in the provincial LRT inquiry. The horrible governance at the City of Ottawa seen in that report was not stopped by three executives leaving.

How many more people at city hall knew about what was occurring with LRT and how many aided it?

Most importantly, how many are still there and shaping public policy?

From the outside at least, it appears to be business-as-usual at city hall.

And the internet attacks on The Bulldog are attempts to disrupt public discourse that this publication fosters.

Attacks on The Bulldog are not in the public interest.

Ken Gray



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